What is the Borrowers’ Defense to Repayment?


Student loan debt statistic for For-Profit colleges shows that about 88% of borrowers who graduated from for-profit colleges like itt tech, devry university and others have student loan debt, with an average student loan debt of $39,000 per student a lot higher than in 2008.

The issue with For-Profit Colleges today is that many of these colleges faced or still facing allegations of fraud and deceptive practices, including allegedly misleading students about its job placement rate and the actual cost of earning a degree, among other practices.

In 2019 Many of the For-Profit Colleges chain have agreed to cancel millions in student debt for nearly 500,000 former students. This agreement has not been yet processed by many of them, so filling a borrower’s defense claim might help put pressure on them and also put you in line for student loan forgiveness.

What is Borrowers Defense to Repayment?

Borrowers Defense program was introduced on Oct. 16, 2018, after finding many colleges guilty of committing fraud. The Borrowers Defense program was put in place to help defrauded students seek student loan forgiveness if they were misled or defrauded by the school.

Many borrowers who attended schools that closed before they could complete a degree got relief as of Dec. 14, 2018. The Department said $150 million in qualifying loans will be discharged, affecting 15,000 borrowers who attended schools that closed between Nov. 1, 2013, and Dec. 4, 2018. A majority were students at Corinthian Colleges.

Who Qualifies for Borrowers Defense?

As stated in the Federal Student Aid website. Under the law, you may be eligible for borrower defense to loan repayment forgiveness of the federal student loans that you took out to attend a school if that school misled you or engaged in other misconduct in violation of certain state laws.

Specifically, you may assert borrower defense by demonstrating that the school, through any act or omission, violated state law directly related to your federal student loan or to the educational services for which the loan was provided. You may be eligible for borrower defense regardless of whether your school closed, or you are otherwise eligible for loan forgiveness under other laws.

How to File a Borrowers Defense Application?

You can submit a borrowers defense to repayment claim application electronically at or by filling out a PDF and returning it to the Education Department via email or regular mail. Submission details are available on the federal student aid website.

To support your claim, experts suggest submitting a detailed explanation of why your loans might qualify, along with any supporting evidence. This could include:

  • Confirmation of attendance
  • Emails or correspondence with school officials
  • Related promotional or school-produced materials

One example could be if you ” felt… pressured to sign something quickly”

To help strengthen your borrowers defense claim, you can seek legal advice from student loan advisors, lawyers or non-profit. If you feel capable of making a strong claim. You can complete this process yourself for free.

How to Check Your Borrowers Defense Application Status?

Once you submit your borrower defense claim is a good idea to place your student loans in forbearance, while you wait for the status of your borrower defense claim. Keep in mind Interest will accrue while the Education Department evaluates your application. To follow up with your borrower’s defense application status you can contact the Borrowers Defense hotline number: 1–855–279–6207.

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