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Sage College Loan Forgiveness

If you attended Sage College and you have outstanding student loan debt, there’s a chance that you may qualify for Sage College loan forgiveness. The Biden Administration has paved the way to eliminate student loan debt, reworked loan forgiveness programs, and has canceled nearly $10-billion in student loan debt.

This guide will discuss what you need to know about loan forgiveness programs, what happened to Sage College, and how this affects you.

About Sage College

Sage College was a two-year private for-profit college based out of Moreno Valley, California that offered several undergraduate degree programs for over 40 years. Prior to the school closing, there were 407 students enrolled, with a teacher-to-student ratio of 45:1, and over half the students were a minority.


  • Sage College offered programs for careers as a court reporter and paralegal/ legal assistant and was accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.
  • The average annual cost to attend the school was $13,000- $35,000 for both in-state and out-of-state students’ residency.
  • The acceptance rate for Sage College was above the average California community college rate and below average for the completion rate.
  • The average earnings for graduates were around $35,000.


This section gave an overview of Sage College including what type of programs were offered and the cost to attend the school. The next section will go into detail about news involving Sage College including lawsuits and scandals, and the reason the school closed down.

Sage College in the News

Sage College abruptly closed its doors in December 2016, after ACICS, the agency that accredited the school lost federal recognition from the Department of Education. The school was given 18-months to be approved by another accrediting agency, however, school officials abruptly decided to cease operations.


  • Students found a note on the locked doors of Sage College after attempting to return to the school after their winter break.
  • The school closure was is a result of the conflict between the Department of Education and the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.
  • Students were assured 2 months before the school closed that despite ACICS losing accreditation, they would still have ample time to complete their degrees.
  • The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education and the Department of Education held a meeting for students to receive information on additional resources available to them.


This section discussed the reason why the school closed and the effect ACICS losing its accreditation had on the students. The next section will discuss the Sage College loan forgiveness options available to the students and how to qualify for them.

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Sage College Loan Forgiveness

The abrupt closure of Sage College put students in a bind with financial debt and the inability to complete their degrees. However, former students of Sage College have options to have their student loans forgiven or canceled and eliminate their federal student loan debt.


  • School Closure DischargeIf you were enrolled at Sage College when they closed or withdrew no more than 120 days before closure, you may qualify for this discharge.
  • Borrowers’ Defense Against RepaymentIf you feel that Sage College committed fraud or violated laws pertaining to your loan, you can apply for this discharge.
  • Public Service Loan ForgivenessThis forgiveness option is for individuals that have made 120 payments under a qualified payment plan while working for a qualified employer.
  • Income-based Repayment PlansThis loan forgiveness option forgives the balance of your loans after making payments for 20-25 years and is based on your income.


This section introduced you to the different student loan forgiveness options that are available to you and the minimum qualifications for the option. The next section will summarize the guide and give you information on how to get help for managing your student loan debt.


This guide summarized gave an overview of Sage College, what happened to Sage College, and the Sage College loan forgiveness options available to you. If you feel you qualify for one of these options and you have questions or need assistance, there are additional resources available.

If you want to know more about eliminating your student loan debt, contact our office today and speak with an expert student loan debt specialist.