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Dowling College Loan Forgiveness

If you attended Dowling College and you are struggling to pay off your student loan debt, there’s a chance your student loans can be eliminated. Earlier in the year, the Department of Education announced a change in the calculating student loan forgiveness under the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Discharge.

If applicable, you may qualify for Dowling College loan forgiveness and your Dowling College student loans can be fully canceled.

This guide discusses how to qualify for student loan forgiveness, recent news involving Dowling College, and how to get help for your student loan debt.

About Dowling College

Dowling College was established on September 27, 1968, on Long Island, NY, and was purchased by Adelphi College and named after Robert Dowling. There were four campuses of the college and the main campus was where the William Vanderbilt mansion and estate once stood.


  • Dowling College was accredited by the Middle States Commission of Higher Education and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.
  • The school offered bachelor, master’s, and doctorate degrees in education, business, aviation, mathematics, liberal arts, humanities, and arts and sciences.
  • The cost of attending Dowling College was based on the program you were enrolled in and averaged close to $50,000 per year.
  • Dowling College was nicknamed the Golden Lions and was part of the NCAA Division II East Coast Conference for athletics.


This section discussed the background of Dowling College, the course and degree programs offered by the school, and the different locations of the school. The next section will go over news, scandals, and lawsuits involving Dowling College, and the reason the school closed down.

Dowling College in the News

Dowling College was recently in the news because the property where the former college was located has received complaints from residents about the lack of property maintenance. In response to the abrupt closure of the school and the failure to secure funding, Dowling College faced a number of lawsuits.

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  • Dowling College immediately closed after the school failed to secure a partnership with Global University Systems in 2016, laying off close to all the employees without warning.
  • The school closed after struggling financially, unstable leadership, the decline in enrollment, and revocation of accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
  • In March 2019, a $6.1 million settlement was approved to cover lost wages to employees laid off without warning.
  • The school filed for bankruptcy in November 2016 after issuing the last degrees for the 2016 graduating class in August 2016.


In this section, you learned about allegations, complaints, and recent news about Dowling College and what caused the school to cease operations. The next section will give you a brief overview of the different Dowling College loan forgiveness options available to you.

Dowling College Loan Forgiveness Options

After Dowling College permanently closed in 2016, students and graduates were left struggling to repay large amounts of student loan debt. The good news is that there are a number of options that are available to eliminate your student loan debt.


  • Income-driven repayment You make monthly payments based on your income and after making the required number of payments the remaining balance of your loan is forgiven.
  • Closed School DischargeIf Dowling college closed before you were able to finish your program and you were still enrolled you could be eligible for loan cancellation.
  • Borrower’s Defense to RepaymentIf you feel that Dowling College misled you into obtaining student loans to pay for your education, you may be eligible for this discharge.
  • Teacher Loan ForgivenessYou could be eligible for loan forgiveness under this option if you teach full-time for 5 years in a low-income school.


In this section, you learned about the different options that are available for you to look into for Dowling College loan forgiveness. The final section will give you a recap of everything you should have learned from reading this brief guide.


This guide informed you of how to manage your Dowling College student loan debt and the ways to receive Dowling College loan forgiveness. If you need assistance or would like further information on managing your debt, contact our office today and speak with a student loan debt expert.