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What is Ascendium Education Solutions? Previously Named Great Lakes.

ascendium education solutions

If you’re looking at your credit record, you might be wondering who Ascendium Education Solutions is. The solution to the question is provided below.

I’ll explain who Ascendium Education Solutions is and what they have to do with your student debt in this article.

About is Ascendium Education Group

Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Great Lakes’ student loan servicing company, was acquired by Nelnet last year. Nelnet’s acquisition makes it larger than both American Education Services and FedLoan. In reality, the acquisition made Nelnet the largest federal student loan servicer in the United States.

Although Great Lakes sold its student loan servicing company, it was not completely out of the student loan business.

Great Lakes continued to be the leading guarantee of Federal Family Education Loans.

But just because it stayed in the game doesn’t guarantee it could maintain its name.

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As part of the Nelnet transaction, Great Lakes agreed to rebrand its remaining student loan company. From there the company changed its name to Ascendium Education Group.

What services does Ascendium Education Solutions provide?

Ascendium Education Solutions guarantees Federal Family Education Loans.

Note: The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program does not apply to FFEL loans. If you’re hoping to have your debts forgiven and find Ascendium on your credit report or in the National Student Loan Data System, you should consider merging them into a Direct Consolidation Loan.

When did Great Lakes switch to Ascendium? 

On November 15, 2018, Great Lakes was renamed Ascendium.

Only the businesses that were not sold to Nelnet are affected by the name change.

So, if you have federal Direct Loans that were managed by Great Lakes, you may still manage them through the website.

Ascendium Education Group vs. Ascendium Education Solutions

The main firm is Ascendium Education Group, and Ascendium Education Solutions is a subsidiary of the Group.

The operations of Ascendium Education Solutions include the following:

  • division of education philanthropy (exploring systemic obstacles preventing the completion of postsecondary education)
  • The default help division (which educates debtors on the dangers of default) and 
  • the Attigo product suite (educating borrowers on financial wellness so they can achieve their education goals)

What is Ascendium’s postal address?

You can send letters, payments, invoices, or other materials to Ascendium at: Ascendium Education Group, Inc. & Affiliates2501 International LaneMadison WI 53704 Visit for more information.

Do you require assistance with your student loans?

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